Is the Academy the same as Select Soccer? 
No, the Academy Program is specifically designed for U8 to U11 players. The Pre-Select Program is for U12 players while the Select Program is for players 13 and older.  However, like the Pre-Select and Select programs, the Academy Program does offer and provide professional coaching and a competitive training environment. 

Can a player join the Academy program if he or she has never been a part of any CFC Program?
Yes, players can be evaluated for a team in their respective age groups during Academy Evaluations in May or at any time during the year.  Prior participation with CFC is not required.

What is a ’pool’?
Some of our Academy teams are pools.  A pool is a team or age group with 16 or more players and they train together.  For games, the pool of players is split into two groups. Throughout the season, pool players will be separated in a number of different ways so that we can provide a challenging environment and so that pool players have the opportunity to play with all their teammates. 

Can I volunteer to help the team?
Yes, CFC rely on parents to volunteer for team jobs that are available. Volunteer jobs for the team include:
Team Manager: Helps the coach communicate to the team, communicates schedule changes, posts league results, assists with team budgeting, handles registration for league and tournaments.
Team Treasurer: Budgeting and Managing team funds.
Travel Coordinators: Arrange accomodations for out of town games, tournaments and team dinners.

Where do the Academy Teams train?
Academy teams train at the CFC Soccer Complex.  Directions can be found

How many times a week do Academy teams train?
Academy teams train twice a week for an hour and a half.  Super sessions, technical sessions and speed and agility sessions are also offered during the week.

Is the pre - season camp mandatory?
CFC encourages all players to participate in the pre - season camp.  The camp provides players with an opportunity to prepare for the upcoming season and for players to get to know new players on their team and their coaches.

Is financial assistance available?
Yes, financial assistance is available for those who qualify.  Applications can be obtained under the ’Academy Program’ page at www.CarolinaFC.net Completed applications should be submitted by June 15 for the fall season.

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