1v1 to Goal
1v1 to goal is specifically designed to aid in a player’s ability to dribble and create goal scoring opportunities. 

Players will be grouped based on age and ability.

Groups will be no larger than 8-10 players to ensure a higher coach to player ratio as well as more shooting repetitions for players.

Weekly Curriculum:- Week 1: Engaging the defender on the dribble, body control with speed- Week 2: Changing speeds, deception with fakes- Week 3: Getting out of pressure, protecting the ball, decision making- Week 4: Review of combined theme.
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Training Location: Carolina FC Complex at 200 Madison Avenue, Lyman SC 29365

Sunday July 16th (3pm), Monday July 17th, July 24th, July 31st (1:15min sessions). All Monday sessions begin at 6pm
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