5v5 Dutch Futsal

Despite the large number of players we don't have enough individual teams to make the league work at its best.  With this said, we have decided to do a dutch style league.

In this format a number of players rotate through different teams in a series of short games. Each player is awarded points based on the result of his team's game. These points are added together so that at the end of the tournament there will be an overall ranking of all participants.

This system keeps the games competitive. The children are playing to win and one or two losses are not catastrophic. If needed the coach can monitor the scores and adjust the teams so that players can't easily run away with the tournament or get buried.



Week 2 Dutch Style Top Players

Top 10 for the Season


We will have a Academy Division (U8-10), Pre-Select (U11-12), Jr. High (U13-15), High School Division (U16+)

The game schedules are put on a board and kids rotate teams every game. Each player gets 1 pt every time their team scores a goal. They get 5 points for a win. 3 pts for a draw and 0 for a loss. Teams that lose still count their goals.



Summer Futsal 2017 Rules.pdf


Pros of Dutch Styles Leagues

* 5v5 allows more touches.

* Play with different kids each game, so you have to communicate with them and adapt.

* Kids ref, so they will learn important problem-solving skills.

* Different games stimulate different skills and problem solving.

* You won’t have one good team winning everything. Those individual players will be taken out of their comfort zone which is good for development.



Wednesday June 14th

Wednesday June 21st 

Wednesday June 28th 

Friday July 21st 

Wednesday July 26th 

Friday July 28th

Wednesday August 2nd 

Friday August 4th



Summer Futsal Rosters.pdf


For more information and a link to registration, please visit www.carolinafc.net

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.  We look forward to a fun summer of futsal!

Andy Aulick 
Summer Futsal Coordinator

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