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CFC Presents: Coach of the Day

Nick Buxton

  • Do you have a nickname? Bucko. Although, one year I scored a couple of free kicks when I was playing for Watford in England and around the training ground I was called Nick "Beckston" after David Beckham!
  • Where were you born? Northampton: England
  • Playing Experience (Youth, High School, College, Professional): Started off playing for my local club team Towcester Juniors. Then I joined Watford’s Centre Of Excellence and played with them until I was 19 years old, competing against, and playing with, players that have gone on to play professional all over the world! I then came to America to play soccer at college for USC Upstate.
  • What position did you play? Defender
  • Best goal you ever scored? Bicycle kick goal playing for USC Upstate. Previous CFC coach David Stanbra came running up to me to celebrate screaming "that’s why I came to see that!"
  • Coaching Experience (Youth, High School, College, Professional: Carolina FC since 2009, Landrum High school 2010 & South Carolina Olympic Development Program 92 Boys
  • Coaching Highlight: Too many to name!! Everyday is a highlight coaching the kids!
  • Coaching Certification(s): FA level 2 & SCYSA D License
  • What is your favorite soccer team? Everton, Watford & any CFC team that plays!!
  • What is the most rewarding aspect of coaching kids? Seeing a player learn, develop and enjoy it...not just as soccer players but as a person.

Nestor Chacon

  • Do you have a nickname? Not that I know of…
  • Where were you born? Plainfield, New Jersey
  • Playing Experience (Youth, High School, College, Professional): Played for North Plainfield Soccer Club and Piscataway Soccer Club growing up with 2 state championships. Played High School ball at North Plainfield High School and won All State honors. Played College ball at Raritan Valley Community College where I won All- American Honors and played my final two years at USC Upstate. First year at Upstate the Rifle Boys made it to the NCAA Division II National Final. Lost 2-0!! Back home, I also played with and against a familiar name that played many years on the Men’s National team and his name was Claudio Reyna.
  • What position did you play? Played all positions, yes including goalkeeper..
  • Best goal you ever scored? I would have to say the one that always sticks with me is the tying goal in the National Semi-final game @ USC Upstate vs. Mercyhurst, Pennsylvania. Down 2-1 in the second overtime with about 8 minutes to go. Needless to say I was rugby tackled in front of 3000 fans after the goal by my teammate Justin ’GEORGE’ Collett. We went on to win 3-2 in sudden death to get to the final!
  • Coaching Experience (Youth, High School, College, Professional)? In August 2013 I will start my 14th year at CFC. I have coached in the SC ODP program and was the assistant coach @ USC Upstate.
  • Coaching Highlight: I think Justin hit the nail on the head. I will go with that!
  • Coaching Certification(s): National Youth License and NSCAA
  • What is your favorite soccer team? Manchester United and Barcelona
  • What is the most rewarding aspect of coaching kids? I think the most rewarding aspect for me is watching and being a part of a player’s transformation from one level to another.. When that light bulb finally turns on!!


 Justin Collett

  • Do you have a nickname? Dare I say? Oh why not … my nickname in college was George. Now everyone will have to figure out why!
  • Where were you born? Odendaalsrus, South Africa
  • Playing Experience (Youth, High School, College, Professional): All of the above! Growing up I was fortunate enough to be in a great soccer environment. Highlights include being selected to the U16 South African National Pool and playing for the NCAA National Championship in 1995. Picking up a few paychecks along the way was certainly not a bad thing either!
  • What position did you play? I started out as a forward, but played center midfield for the majority of my career. 
  • Best goal you ever scored? Ha! I honestly couldn’t tell you. (It has been a long time since I scored a goal!)
  • Coaching Experience (Youth, High School, College, Professional) In August of 2013 I will start my 20th year with CFC. I have been an ODP coach and a High School coach. I don’t have any interest in coaching at College (or High School again). Oh, I did coach against the Canadian Women’s National Team in a ‘friendly’ (we won 2-0).
  • Coaching Highlight: Too many to count and impossible to put a value on them. I have fortunately been a part of many, many memorable moments big and small, both from an individual and a team perspective.
  • Coaching Certification(s): I have the USSF B and the NSCAA National Advanced. My favorite however was the National Youth License.
  • What is your favorite soccer team? The one and only Tottenham Hotspurs!
  • What is the most rewarding aspect of coaching kids? Helping players accomplish their individual goals, helping teams accomplish their group goals.
  • Favorite quote: It is not how good you are... it is how good you want to be!
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