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Consistent with Carolina FC’s foremost goal of player development, CFC has assembled a talented and qualified training staff committed to putting the player first.  Contributing a wide variety of playing (College & Professional) and coaching experiences (High School, College, ODP & Professional), Carolina FC coaches and trainers share a common love for the game, a high level of expertise and a contagious enthusiasm for teaching young soccer players.  Combine their distinct personalities and individual coaching styles with Carolina FC’s trainer system and CFC becomes a fun and exciting place to learn the game of soccer – a learning-first environment where well-trained players make teams strong.

2018 - 19 Coaching Staff

Executive Director - Rafe Mauran
Director of Coaching - Amer Resumovic
Director of Academy - Ellis Alleyne
Director of Recreational Soccer - Cory Junker       

Boys TeamsGirls Teams
2010 Boys BlueAcademyJoe Childers2010 Girls BlueAcademyDavid Calloway
2009 Boys BlueAcademyEllis Alleyne2009 Girls BlueAcademyHelena Phillips
2009 Boys GoldAcademyDavid Calloway2009 Girls GoldAcademyDave Pereira
2008 Boys BlueAcademyKarl Casida2008 Girls BlueAcademyNico Luque
2008 Boys GoldAcademyTBD2008 Girls GoldAcademyKarl Casida
2008 Girls Silver*AcademyTBD
2007 Boys BlueAcademyJosh Gutierrez2007 Girls BlueAcademyChris Carmichael
2007 Boys GoldAcademyJoe Childers2007 Girls GoldAcademyEduardo Chen
2006 Boys ElitePMSL/ChallengeAmer Resumovic2006 Girls ElitePMSLHelina Phillips
2006 Boys BluePMSL/OpenCory Junker2006 Girls Blue*OpenTBD
2005 Boys ElitePMSLEllis Alleyne2005 Girls EliteChallenge/PMSLRob Depaol
2005 Boys BlueOpenShane Pruitt2005 Girls Blue*OpenGreg Knight
2004 Boys EliteRPLRafe Mauran2004 Girls EliteChallengeCory Junker
2004 Boys BluePMSL/OpenRoger Zuchowski2004 Girls Blue*PMSLMark Sullivant
2003 Boys ElitePMSLRob Depaol2003 Girls EliteRPL/ChallengeResumovic/Pruitt
2003 Boys BlueOpenKarl Casida  
2002 Boys EliteChallengeJosh Gutierrez2002 Girls EliteRPLResumovic/Pruitt
2002 Boys BlueOpenCory Junker 2002 Girls BlueChallengeDavid Calloway
2002 Girls GoldPMSLFernando Gomez
2002 Girls Silver*Jerry Smith
2001 Boys EliteRPL/ChallengeNico Luque
2001 Girls Elite*


Jerry Smith
2001 Boys BluePMSLJorge Santos2001 Girls BluePMSLKarl Casida
2001 Boys GoldOpenKarl Casida
2000 Boys EliteRPL/ChallengeEvan Rogers2000 Girls EliteChallenge/PMSLDave Periera
2000 Boys BluePMSLCory Junker
* Denotes team based out of Hendersonville with Blue Ridge Soccer Club.

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